Generate Sales Leads That Boost Profit and Increase Conversion Rates

Finding ways to generate sales leads can take up a lot of time that could be better spent on other aspects of your business. All sales people spend far more time than they should chasing up new clients and looking for ways to generate sales leads to help increase their conversion rates.

How much easier would your business be if you had a steady stream of leads coming in without all the leg work? All you’d need to do is work on converting them into sales and then reap the extra profits.

Having a way to generate sales leads whenever you want more business can eliminate the downtime you would otherwise spend hunting for new sources of business, which translates to increased profits for you. Not only could this save you time, but it could also mean increasing sales, boosting profits and raising sales team morale considerably.

Sales people love to sell, but they don’t often enjoy the long phase of hunting down new leads to work with. Far too many promising sales people have left potentially lucrative careers because of a lack of customer inquiry coming into the business and a lack of understanding of how to source new clients.

By generating sales leads for them using systems that guarantee high quality information, this means you can keep your sales staff doing what they do best – selling!

When you’re choosing a lead generation system for you, be sure that you have the opportunity to access good quality leads from lead producers who have been filtered to be sure they’re providing only the best information to suit your specific needs.

You should also have access to a range of extensive filters to ensure you get only the prospects you really want. The options available for filtering your leads into specific segments should include:

• Location – you can apply a filter so you only generate sales leads who live within a specific radius from you, or within a preferred zip code, state or country

• Preferred type of lead – for example, you can request to receive just mortgage loan leads, or you could bid for specific auto insurance leads or even nominate MLM leads. The choice is yours

• Seller’s Quality score – you should be able to see which sellers are scored highly for providing great information and which are scored lower for less reliable leads

• Limit your account by setting specific spending limits to make sure you never spend more than what’s available in your allocated budget

On top of these features, you should be encouraged to outsell leads to other downstream providers. For example, a mortgage lender who buys specific homebuyer leads could sell disqualified leads to a local rent-to-own investor or apartment complex, while a debt settlement provider might sell bankruptcy leads for people who don’t qualify for his or her program. Car dealers can sell a lead to car insurance providers.

This allows you to regain the cost of the lead fast if you’re unable to convert it to a sale in your own line of business and provide a new source of revenue from existing business processes.

Finally, when you generate sales leads, your account should allow you to score the seller as providing information that is legitimate and contactable or not. Always check where the sellers are getting their information. Some of the lead sellers who should be sourcing and generate sales leads for you include internet marketers with access to tens of thousands of opt-in subscriber records, TV and radio channels looking to monetize unsold airtime, and skilled “bird dog” associates who can look for very specific types of leads to suit your specific business needs.

Bonus Tip: When you generate sales leads, your SwiftCRM lead generation account includes real-time incoming lead notification via instant messenger, email, text message, or any combination of the above. You’ll always know when a lead is found that suits your exact requirements. If you’re buying real-time live-transfer exclusive phone leads, this data can help you sound informed, and if it’s a data lead, this can mean the fastest possible response, as you will typically call the lead while they are still on your marketing team’s website.

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